• By enrichplus
  • June 10, 2021

Award for Excellence

Enrich+ has been named runner up in the New Zealand Defence Force’s Cadet Force employer of the year.

In the citation, the NZDF said:

“Enrich+ works alongside those living with disabilities, autism or neurodiversity, their whānau and community, to live a live a life like any other.

“Enrich+ has consistently provided support to LT Evans and the Hamilton City Cadet Unit (HCCU) through approving leave requests, fostering an excellent set of Values which flow into the HCCU, supporting the use of equipment, transport and supplies for NZ Cadet Forces as well as employing numerous NZCF Officers.”

Enrich+ is part of Enrich Group, a family of organisations with common and complementary services that support people with disabilities and those living with autism and neurodiversities.

Read about all the winners. Janne Nottage,  service manager in Hamilton, attended the awards on Enrich+’s behalf.


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