Supported Employment

At Enrich+, we work with people aged 16 and older who have intellectual and physical disabilities, mental health and autism to gain employment and reach career goals.

Our employment brokers are experienced in disability and autism employment and are committed to the values and principles of the National Supported Employment Practice Guidelines. Download the flyer.



Our Supported Employment service is flexible to suit each individual’s needs and goals. 

We work with clients one-on-one, much like mentoring. We work together to develop a plan to prepare the client for the workplace within a practical timeframe. The process is more than just finding a job for a person. Supported Employment means meeting a person’s individual needs for fulfilling employment, and providing ongoing support in the workplace. 



As a starting point, one of our specialist Support Employment facilitators will meet with the client and discuss their goals and aspirations for attaining paid employment. They then look at what skills that person has, what skills they need, the areas in which they would like to work, and any challenges that might be in the way. 

They will then assist that client to find potential jobs that are right for them. 

Our help doesn’t end when clients begin work. They will also receive post-placement support, including on-the-job coaching and training if needed. 

Our services can be provided in both the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. 



If this sounds right for you, contact us to discuss the next steps.

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WORX is for people with a disability (intellectual or physical), mental health difficulties, and those on the autism spectrum. It is for people who would like the opportunity to be in a mix of paid (or unpaid) work, whilst learning the ‘soft skills’ such as:

All while receiving relevant feedback, that helps to improve workplace skills and experience.



To utilise our WORX service, one of our specialist team members, will begin by interviewing the client. This is a discussion around goals and aspirations for attaining paid employment.

They will then look at what skills that person has, and what skills they need, the areas they would like to work, and any challenges that might be in the way.

After being in the WORX service for 6-12 months, and when the client is deemed work-ready by WORX, a referral is sent to Supported Employment.

Work history and recommendations are then given.

Clients will be provided with tasks to complete by our specialist team members for example, creating CVs and looking for employment themselves.

Then the journey of finding employment begins. Download the flyer.

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Supported Employment Printable Flyer