• By enrichplus
  • November 27, 2023

Ben’s Whānau

Sally approached our services after months of waiting to get support through the national behaviour support services to no avail. Sally was stressed and extremely worried about her whānau and her son, Ben.

Ben is a 5-year-old who likes Lego, math and does well at school. However, when Ben is at home, he frequently tantrums, hitting, throwing things and breaking furniture after Sally says “no” to Ben’s requests, often injuring others. Sally says she feels she is “walking on eggshells”, afraid of when Ben will have another tantrum. Ben’s behaviour also impacted the family dynamics, and his siblings were feeling increasingly resentful of the time and energy Ben gets from his mum.

At the first hui together, our behaviour specialist reassured the whānau that things would improve and that we were there to walk alongside and support them. The behaviour specialist recommended key groups outside the organisation and helpful intervention strategies that would make a positive difference. This was the first time Sally felt some hope that things could be different.

Collaboratively, the Behaviour Specialist and Sally developed treatment goals to increase the development of skills in appropriately responding when Sally says ‘no’. Using assessment tools, the Behaviour Specialist and Sally were able to identify behaviour functions and better understand why Ben engaged in the behaviours of concern.

Across the 12 hours that Sally worked with the Behaviour Specialist to develop intervention strategies of Skill Based Treatment (SBT), Ben could appropriately respond and negotiate with Sally.

Sally said, “Not only have my stress levels decreased, but the quality of the relationship with my son now is something I only dreamt of. Ben is doing great”. Sally feels in control and can confidently take Ben to friends’ homes without behavioural difficulties. With Ben developing these new skills, Sally has spent quality time with Ben’s siblings, positively impacting the whānau’s hauora (health and well-being).

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