Specialist Support

Our professionally trained staff can provide a range of psychological, behavioural and counselling support options, individually tailored to suit your needs.

Following a thorough initial assessment we utilise evidence-based strategies, to find the best approach that will support you to achieve your goals. These include such strategies for, positive behaviour change, increasing communication or social skills, overcoming anxiety, support with routines and schedules, executive functioning, sensory sensitivities, relationships and more. We can also work alongside our employment and supported living services, if additional support is needed to help you increase your independence.  

Available for individuals and people in their lives, we can meet at our office, your home, or another location.

Our staff specialise in working with those with autism and Aspergers, as well as having a sound knowledge across the wide spectrum of physical and intellectual disability.

We can also provide information and training on autism, for small groups such as a family, small support team or in schools. 



To access our specialist support services, please contact us.

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