The McKenzie Centre, an early intervention service for children under the age of six with a disability, merged with Enrich+ in May 2018.


The intervention services on offer by the McKenzie Centre are through contracts with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, and the centre provides a range of health and education expertise with an aim of enabling whānau to take the lead and be part of the team as they work to enhance their child’s ongoing development.


With an alignment in purpose, vision and values our merger will enable greater options for families, as their young person reaches school age and beyond. In working together, we also see opportunities for assisting each other to grow our businesses and expand what we can offer children with disabilities, and their whānau.




Community Connections, Community Care Trust and Enrich+ came together in 2016 to form Pai Ake Toru, which means ‘the three of us are better together’.


Our partnership is founded on the belief that together we will achieve more than each of our respective organisations are able to achieve on their own. By sharing our expertise and creating an organisation that helps us each to ‘raise the bar’, Pai Ake Toru aims to grow high quality services that will benefit more disabled people more profoundly.


We work collaboratively together rather than competing in the field of disability support services with a focus on;

  • promoting supports that improve outcomes for people with disabilities,
  • building an inclusive society for all,
  • supporting training, mentoring and development of our staff to reinforce best practice, and
  • delivering services in a manner that results in people with disabilities having trust and confidence in those services.


Pai Ake Toru Vision

An inclusive New Zealand where people belong, live and work in their communities.


Pai Ake Toru Values

  • Raise the bar
  • Act with integrity, respect and generosity
  • Promote genuine partnerships
  • Build capacity in people, families and communities
  • Celebrate diversity




Enrich+ and Physio Plus – Te Kuiti have been working together since 1996 providing work rehabilitation services for ACC in the Greater Waikato, King Country and Lakes districts. This collaboration was further formalized in May 2015 with Enrich+ and Physio Plus – Te Kuiti entering into a 50/50 partnership and establishing Work Outcomes Limited.


In October 2015 Work Outcomes Ltd purchased an Active+ franchise, and a new physiotherapy clinic was established in Te Rapa, Hamilton alongside the clinic at Te Kuiti. In January 2017, we purchased a physiotherapy clinic in Taupo, and bought another Active+ franchise for the Lakes district.


 Active+ delivers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services across the North Island, offering a range of services to ensure your mind and body are in good shape - at work and play. Active+ offers comprehensive rehabilitation services that include health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, vocational consultants, psychologists, counsellors, social workers and medical specialists.